April 2022

Heather was incredibly helpful to us as first-time home buyers. She was always available to talk through the complexities of home buying. She explained the offer process before we got to a house we liked so we were ready to put an offer in when the time came. I couldn’t be happier with Heather’s work, home purchasing is incredibly stressful and she will guide you through everything, searching, offering and negotiating.
- Katherine T.

May 2022

What did you like about working with Heather?
We liked everything about working with Heather! But to be specific, Heather made us feel like we were talking with a trusted friend in the industry rather than a professional that we hired to do a job. We felt like her advice and council was always in our best interest, even if it might have meant more work for her. She was super flexible and available with her schedule, which was especially helpful with my wife's work schedule as a nurse and our family schedule with a 14 month old. We also loved Heather's ability to hear our concerns and take action on them.

What were her strengths as an agent?
One of the strengths we really appreciated about Heather was her ability to shepherd us through the home buying process in steps and phases that made sense and were easy to understand. As first time home buyers we had absolutely no idea what we were doing or what to expect, and Heather was always giving us a heads up about what the next steps would be and how to be ready for them. Another strength of Heather's that was mentioned above is her personable and easy going vibe. We would have hated to have worked with an agent that felt like they were always working a deal or trying to make a buck. Her strengths were in treating us like friends as well as clients.

How satisfied were you with how things went and the way you were represented?
Extremely satisfied! We felt like we got so lucky throughout this process and we realize that luck only had a little bit to do with it. Heather had a lot to do with us getting our dream home as our first home, and we are extremely grateful. We don't anticipate being involved with any real estate transaction for a while, but if or when we are Heather will be the first person we call.
- Raymond K.